How to choose a special purpose vehicle?


Because the operation area of special vehicles is limited, you can only operate and transport in specific working conditions and fields. Therefore, you must be cautious about choosing vehicles. You need to be clear about the purpose of your car purchase and understand the changes in the market segment. So how do we choose the right vehicle?There are some recommended models:

Cleaning Vehicle: vehicles that undertake road cleaning, washing, and cleaning operations in urban areas and suburbs, and can be divided into road cleaning vehicles, road high-pressure dredging cleaning vehicles, road cleaning vehicle, and vacuum cleaning vehicles.


Market changes: With the increasing pressure on environmental protection and the continuous deepening of urbanization, new energy vehicles are increasingly welcomed by governments and enterprises everywhere.


Focus of car purchase: stable and reliable performance, strong carrying capacity, low or zero emissions.


Recommended chassis:  Dongfeng Tianjin, Isuzu, BYD T8 pure electric.


Recommended body: Hubei Chengli, Fujian Longma, Zoomlion.


Garbage trucks: vehicles used by municipal sanitation departments to carry household garbage and other urban garbage. They can be divided into compression garbage truck, swing arm garbage truck, hook arm garbage truck, hanging bucket garbage truck and so on.


Market changes: With the increasing pressure on environmental protection and the implementation of garbage classification policies, vehicles that meet different types of garbage are getting more and more attention from municipal sanitation departments.


The focus of car purchase: large loading quality, automatic operation, power and environmental protection.


Recommended chassis:  Dongfeng Duolika, Dongfeng Tianjin, Isuzu.


Recommended body: Hubei Chengli, Fujian Longma, Xiagong Chusheng.


Sprinkler: suitable for urban, suburban and other road surface washing, can be divided into greening sprinkler, multi-function sprinkler, truck-mounted sprinkler, water transportation sprinkler, fire fighting sprinkler, etc.


Market changes: With the continuous deepening of urbanization construction and greening, different subdivision models are more concerned by governments at all levels and enterprises everywhere.


The focus of car purchase: stable performance, large loading capacity, dynamic performance.


Recommended chassis:  Dongfeng series, Futian series, Jiefang series.


Recommended body: Hubei Chengli, Fujian Longma, Zoomlion.


Winter service vehicle: usually based on a dump truck chassis, with adaptations allowing them to carry specially designed snow removal equipment. It is used to clear thoroughfares of ice and snow.


Market changes: The increasing construction of urbanization and the acceleration of people's life rhythm. Municipal departments have become an important window for demonstrating governance capabilities in response to bad weather, especially heavy snow. Large snow removal vehicles have become an indispensable weapon for municipal units.


The focus of car purchase: stable performance, large volume, dynamic performance.


Recommended chassis:  Sinotruk Howo, Dongfeng Tianjin, Shanqi Delong.


Recommended body: Zoomlion, Zhejiang Meitong, Anshan Senyuan.


Sewage suction truck: It is a new type of sanitation vehicle that collects and transfers sludge and sewage to avoid secondary pollution. The sewage suction truck can be self-priming and self-draining. It has a fast working speed, large capacity, and convenient transportation. It is suitable for collecting and transporting liquid substances such as feces.


Focus of car purchase: reliability, ease of operation.


Recommended chassis:  Dongfeng Tianjin, Jiefang J6L, Futian Times.


Recommended body:  Hubei Chengli, CIMC Lingyu, Xiagong Chusheng.


Refrigerated truck: A closed van truck used to transport frozen or fresh goods, often used to transport frozen food, dairy products, vegetables and fruits, vaccines and drugs.


Market changes: The demand of refrigerated trucks is continuously expanding, and the demand for transportation of food, medical and high-precision electronics industry, chemical industry, flower fresh-keeping transportation and other items that require constant temperature and humidity is further increased. The development trend of lightweight, serialization, intelligence, specialization and environmental protection and energy saving.


Concerns about car purchase: tightness, portability and heat insulation.


Recommended chassis:  Dongfeng Tianjin, Futian EST, Jiefang J6P.


Recommended body: Henan Bingxiong, Hubei Chengli, Jinan Kogel.


Chemical liquid transportation vehicle: a special vehicle used to transport chemical liquids and other dangerous goods, such as liquefied gas transportation vehicles, refueling trucks, oil transportation vehicles.


Market changes: With the rapid development of China's petroleum, petrochemical, coal chemical, chemical and other industries, the variety and quantity of hazardous chemicals are increasing rapidly. It plays a positive role in promoting the development of industry standardization.


The focus of car purchase: dead weight, intelligence, reliability.


Recommended chassis:  Dongfeng Tianlong, Dongfeng Tianjin, Jiefang J6P.


Recommended body: Jingmen Hongtu, CIMC Ruijiang, Shengdain.


Bulk cement truck: mainly transports bulk powder materials such as cement clinker, coal powder, stone powder, etc., mainly in suburban highways in urban areas, with good road conditions.


Changes in the market: market has put forward higher requirements for bulk cement trucks. In addition to the high safety, closedness and vibration damping of products, it should also meet the requirements of serialization and light weight. Lightweight bulk cement trucks will become a trend in the next few years.


Focus of car purchase: stable and reliable performance, good power and low price.


Recommended chassis:  Dongfeng Tianlong, Sinotruck Howo, Jiefang J6P.


Recommended body: CIMC Ruijiang, CIMC Lingyu, Hubei Chusheng.


Blaster transportation vehicle: It is developed and produced according to the regulations of the relevant ministries. It has the main functions of high strength, fire retardant, rainproof, anti-static spark and fire alarm.


Market changes: As the country has become more and more standardized in the management of blasting equipment transportation, the market has put higher requirements for blasting equipment transportation vehicles. In addition to its high safety, the products are also more subdivided and professional.


Focus of car purchase: reliable performance, light weight and low price.


Recommended chassis:  Dongfeng Tianjin, DoliKa, Foton Aoling.


Recommended body: Hubei Jiangnan, Hubei Hongchangda,  Xiangfan Xinzhongchang.


Truck-mounted crane: a device for lifting and rotating of goods through hydraulic lifting and telescopic system. It integrates lifting and transportation and has the characteristics of multi-function, high efficiency, labor saving, etc. It is also suitable for working in narrow areas. Widely used in the hoisting and transportation of infrastructure materials such as municipal construction, coal mine engineering, landscaping and other equipment.


Market changes: With the continuous rapid development of China's economy and the accelerating urbanization process, the application range of truck cranes will gradually expand.


Focus of car purchase: dead weight, reliability, cargo box size.


Recommended chassis:  Dongfeng Tianlong, Dongfeng Tianjin, Sinotruck Howo.


Recommended body: Sanyi Palfig, XCMG, Shimei.


Car carrier trailer: a type of trailer or semi-trailer designed to efficiently transport passenger vehicles via truck. Low chassis, small turning radius, high transportation efficiency.


Market changes: With the continuous and rapid development of China's economy, the sales volume of sedan cars has a large growth space.


The focus of car purchase: the height of the cab, low fuel consumption, mobility.


Recommended chassis:  Dongfeng Tianjin, Jiefang J6M, Hongyan M100, HOWO T5G.


Recommended body: Jilin Changjiu, Yangzhou CIMC, Tianjin Raul.


Fire truck: a special vehicle mainly used to perform fire rescue and other emergency rescue tasks. It can transport firefighters to the accident site and provide various tools for rescue. Including fire-extinguishing water tanker, fire-extinguishing foam tanker, Pumper, elevating platform fire truck, aerial ladder fire truck.


Market changes: With the rapid development of modern architecture and the chemical industry, disasters is becoming more and more complex and variable, and the difficulty of fire fighting is also increase. That promote the development of fire trucks towards specialization and multi-function.


The focus of car purchase: power, reliability and mobility.


Recommended chassis:  Sinotruck Howo, Dongfeng TianjinIsuzu, MAN TGS, Mercedes-Benz Actros.


Recommended body: Shenyang Jietong, Beijing Zhongzhuo, Suzhou Jetta, Bo Langtao (Finland), and Marquis (Germany).


Aerial work platform: a special vehicle that transports workers and equipment for high-altitude operations such as electric power, oil fields, municipal administration, gardens, communications, airports, shipbuilding (repair), transportation, advertising, etc.


Changes in the market: With the continuous advancement of industrialization and urbanization, the areas and heights of aerial work requirements have continued to increase, prompting the development of aerial work vehicles.


Concerns about car purchase: lifting height, reliability and mobility.


Recommended chassis:  Dongfeng Tianjin, Duolika, Jiangling Shunda, Isuzu.


Recommended tops: Hubei Chengli, Hubei Chusheng, Hubei Jiangnan.


Wrecker: a special vehicle equipped with road rescue operations equipment, mainly used for broken vehicles, illegal vehicles and emergency rescue, etc. It has multiple functions such as lifting, towing and lifting traction, which can be divided into haulage , loading, lifting, rescue (single arm and double arm) wrecker.


Market changes: With the improvement of road conditions and the increasing number and types of vehicles, the types of accidents and failure modes are also ever-changing, and the wreckers are developing in a heavy-weight, intelligent, and specialized manner.

The focus of car purchase: stable performance, strong lifting ability, and dynamic performance.


Recommended chassis:  Sinotruck Howo, Dongfeng Tianjin, JAC Geerfa.


Recommended body: Hubei Chengli, Guangdong Yuehai, Hubei Chusheng.


Oilfield special vehicle: refers to a vehicle equipped with special oilfield operation equipment, which is mainly used for oil well exploration and testing, oilfield oil production, and special material transportation.


Changes in the market: Oilfields mostly exist in the wild and Gobi environments, and the working conditions are relatively bad. Especially in recent years, the difficulty of oil mining has increased, and the special vehicles for oilfields have become heavier, subdivided, and specialized.


The focus of car purchase: vehicle reliability, power, off-road performance.

Recommended chassis:  Sinotruck Howo, Shanqi Delong, Beiben, German Mann.


Recommended body: Jilin Tongshi, Lanzhou Linfeng, Nanyang Second Machine.

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